Sunday, October 21, 2007

For Your Favorites/Bookmarks: FCC Indecency Online Complaint Form

[Last night, I viewed a prime time show (Chuck) on NBC in which an actress used a four-letter vulgarity that I'd never before heard on prime time broadcast television.  The usage, to me, represented another domino in the eventual deterioration of America's moral standards.  Today, I submitted a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission.  I think the following information might be useful to a lot of people.  -- rw]
To submit a complaint about broadcast indecency and profanity, use the FCC's online complaint form,  Form 475B, at this URL:  (Bookmark it!)
In addition to information about you, the plaintiff, the form requires the information listed below.  Keep these items in mind if you think you should file a complaint:
(1) Date of Program
(2) Time of Program
(3) Network
(4) Call Sign, Channel OR Frequency of the station
(5) City and State Where Program Was Viewed/Heard
(6) Name of Program or DJ/Personality/Song/Film
(7) Description
Include as many RELEVANT details such as context and the specific words, language, or images, as possible.  You might also state why you think your complaint is significant.  For example, I stated that this was the first time I had heard the vulgar word used on broadcast television and it will therefore form a precedent if the FCC allows it to stand.
If you care about the way the walls are crumbling around us, I advise you to (A) click on the link above and bookmark it in your browser; and then, when the time comes, use it; and (B) share this e-mail with others whom you think would want the information.  (Don't just spam it to everybody in your address book!)

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