Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Evidence of Democrat Party and Media Corruption

Have you ever tried to make a point but been unable to substantiate it? For example, the Left bends over backwards to deny that anybody votes multiple times, but you know you've read dozens of accounts of it happening. As I come across such accounts, I'll start adding them here. You can help by adding links to articles, or suggestions for new categories, in the comments.

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Disclaimer: I have no problem with censoring indecent language, harassment, incitement of violence or other criminal acts, or sham news stories (as contrasted with satire). I do object to the partisan, selective enforcement of standards.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Moral Equivalence between Trump and Clinton

Democrats love to point at Donald Trump's sex-talk tape to drive a wedge between Trump and female voters. For the sake of argument, I will assume that the talk represents actions because maybe some women will come forward to confirm that Trump made unwanted bodily contact with them. Then Team Democrat invokes legal terminology, calling such contact assault, although few would agree that such contact meets the common-sense definition. (The requirement of prior consent has only recently move from the realm of moral manners to the realm of political correctness.)

Having convicted Trump of assault in the Democrat-controlled media, Team Clinton ignores Bill Clinton's lifelong history of infidelity, harassment, assault, and violent, forcible rape. If forced to admit to it, they minimize the numbers; and even then, they deflect by stating that Trump is not running against Bill Clinton. Never mind that Hillary Clinton managed a branch of Bill’s campaign organization that one member of their team, Betsy Wright, called the Bimbo Eruption Squad. I’ll get back to that in a moment.

Equivalence of Scale

As stated, Democrats and the media ignore, or if forced to acknowledge it, grossly understate the number of affairs that Bill Clinton has had. Arkansas State Troopers have described how Clinton abused state resources by using them to procure women and provide security (the main threat being Hillary). He did not, contrary to some claims, have affairs with a few women; he had affairs with hundreds.

Democrats also ignore accusations of forcible, violent rapes dating back to Clinton’s college years. When people cite the Rhodes Scholarship as proof of how “smart” Bill is, ask yourself why he did not complete even his first year. Proof of the answer remains effectively buried in the past, yet it remains highly credible in light of Bill's record. At least a dozen specific victims have been identified by name, but only a few have come forward, the most prominent being Juanita Broaddrick. As crime statistics tell us, when a perpetrator is convicted, that one conviction usually represents a worse crime and an order of magnitude additional crimes.

Some will argue that Clinton has never been convicted of his crimes, so they don't count, as though the vast majority of crimes, which never result in convictions, never happened. Add to that abuse of probability Clinton's powers of authority and riches. Who was going to prosecute when the State Attorney General of Arkansas raped Juanita Broaddrick? What beauty contestant was going to file a complaint, with Clinton's Hollywood friends offering an acting career in exchange for silence? What bureaucrat was going to go public, with pets disappearing, a stranger implying that the same could happen to her children, and her career in the balance? What prostitute would go public about rich Bill Clinton's illegitimate son when she could have a sugar daddy paying her off?

What Difference Does It Make?

Some people ask rhetorically, “but what does that have to do with doing his job?” Consider some examples.

Job Performanc

In the 1990s, a security video was leaked showing a pair of well-dressed visitors — as I recall, the king and queen of a European country — left standing outside a White House entrance. The video went on for almost an hour. Much later, it was revealed that Bill and Monica had been fooling around on that date and that Bill had let business of state go unfulfilled. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. Damaging? The inhospitality and insult bordered on “international incident” in seriousness.


The Clintons have shown (in SO many ways) that they are willing to abuse public assets for their own pleasure. It was not Arkansas State Troopers’ job to shuttle Bill’s “dates” and to track Hillary’s whereabouts so they could warn Bill if she was coming. It was not Secret Service guards’ duty to collect and destroy soiled materials after visits from Monika or Eleanor. In the business world, such abuse of assets would be called “embezzlement” and would result in firing and possibly imprisonment. But what non-partisan authority can do anything about it?

Nation Security 

Bill’s adulterous activities render him vulnerable to blackmail. That the Clinton machine, with Hillary at its head, worked so hard to keep the accusations quiet proves that if the behavior did not threaten national security, it at least threatened Bill’s and Hillary’s careers.

Honestly Comparing Trump to the Clintons

The first conclusion is that the accusations of groping against Trump pale in comparison to the accusations that Bill Clinton is an adulterer on the scale of Magic Johnson, as well as that he is a serial rapist. The fact that Hillary “stood by her man” says a lot about the sincerity of her pretended concern for women and for victims of violence. It gives credibility to the claim that her real motive is not concern, but votes.

The second conclusion relates to Hillary’s role. When a person helps a criminal get away with a crime, she accepts an equal share in the guilt for the original crime. Every once in a while, you will read about some getaway driver sentenced to even more time than the criminal he assisted. Bill would never have gotten away with his scandals and crimes had Hillary not paid off and threatened Bill’s victims. So she is just as guilty as him.

Why does it matter so much to some people?

Because, despite the severity of the accusations, Bill Clinton got away with all of it, and Hillary Two Face led the cover up.

Because the media ignored the story. (The main TV networks waited a year before reporting the Lewinsky story, and one network NEVER reported it.)

Because Democrats in congress refused to view the evidence and then said, “There’s no evidence.”

Because, even while ignoring what their own guy did (and still does), they hold Trump accountable for much lesser offenses.

Because Trump apologized, while all we get from the Clintons is finger-wagging and “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinski.” (Partisan spin does not get any more twisted than claims that "Trump is guilty because he apologized, but Clinton is innocent because he has no remorse.")

Because Americans are tired and frightened of corrupt, greedy, dishonest, self-entitled, two-faced politicians who get away with plundering the system, rape, murder, and violating national security.

Are they alike in type? Perhaps. But are they alike in degree? Not even close.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donald Trump's Tax Returns and Ties to Russian Oligarchs

How likely is it that Donald Trump's tax returns indicate that he is financially tied to Russian oligarchs?

Ties to Russia

The intent of the question is to imply that Trump has a conflict of interest and might be allied with Russia against America. I find that intent to be saturated with hypocrisy as well as with dishonest reasoning.

  • Hillary is an internationalist, and her party is the party of internationalism. Therefore, when partisans accuse Trump of internationalism in his business, they commit hypocrisy.
  • Internationalists believe Russo-American ties are good. When they imply that Trump is anti American because he has Russo-American ties, they add another layer of hypocrisy.
  • The Democrat campaigns have worked hard to set up Russia as a bogeyman and link Trump to Russia, even when evidence has pointed to their own people as sources of some leaks. At the same time, they have lied about whether hackers ever obtained Hillary’s emails. (Guccifer 1.0 is in prison because of it.) Therefore, the accusation implied by the titular question loses credibility.
  • While Trump’s ties to Russia are speculative, Hillary’s ties are not. We know that the Clintons and their foundations received hundreds of millions of dollars from Russian oligarchs while Hillary was SecState. More hypocrisy.
  • While we know of no anti-American actions by Trump that correspond to speculative ties to Russia, we do know that after receiving donations from Russia, Hillary enabled a mining deal that favored Russia and that had a significant negative impact on American interests. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming and damning.
  • All of this hypocrisy demands the question of whether the Left is leveling its speculative accusations against Trump in order to deflect attention away from Hillary’s known corruption. Such deflection is a common tactic of cover-ups.
  • We have circumstantial evidence of complicity with a cover-up in the mainstream media. The story of the Clintons receiving hundreds of millions in “donations” was not covered. However, a story about a former Trump campaign employee receiving 1/100th as much did receive coverage. Keep in mind the context: Hillary’s action gave American interests to Russia; the Trump associate’s action brought Russian business to the US.
  • A financial relationship with Russians does not create a conflict of interest for a businessman, but the Clintons’ financial relationship with “Russian oligarchs” while Hillary was in office does create a conflict of interest. At best, the Clintons created a prosecutable appearance of impropriety, and at worst, participated in bribery on a level that would have gotten a bureaucrat executed in some countries.

The level of hypocrisy, dishonesty, and brutal partisanship underlying the question is astounding. And that is not speculation.

The Tangent Followed by Most Commenters

Because most commenters go on a tangent about why Trump has delayed releasing his tax forms, I will address that, too.

Here is a factual reason for a delayed release. It may be Trump’s primary reason; it may not.

If you ask ten IRS employees for an interpretation of the tax code, you will get ten different opinions. It is inevitable that an audit will result in changes to some details of any tax return as complex as Trump’s. If Trump releases his return now, then when the changes due to the audit are released, partisans on the Left will accuse him of lying on the initial submission. After that, the changes will have to ripple through his much more thorough financial statement, and he will be accused of lying again.

That puts Trump in a lose-lose situation. If he releases the initial returns, he’s unjustly accused of lying, but if he delays, he’s accused of hiding something “*whore*-able,” as Hillary dramatically pronounced it.

As I said, this is fact, not speculation. Whether it is his reason, I don’t know, and you cannot say it isn’t if you are honest with yourself.

Now, this is more speculative: Courts have agreed that the Obama Administration has used the IRS to target people and organizations on its “enemies list.”  The IRS’s pattern of auditing Trump is consistent with that criminal abuse of power. Might some future email leak show that the Democrats conspired to put Trump in this lose-lose situation? Perhaps not, but it is more likely that a lot of the speculation I see others listing as “probable.”

Many commenters demonstrate a pitiful lack of critical reasoning. For example, one commenter lists a variety of reasons and calls all of them probable, even though some may be mutually exclusive. This demonstrates a failure to distinguish between the probable and the possible, as well as a refusal to acknowledge possibilities that might be entirely innocent.

In another bogus argument, people say Trump can release his tax forms just because the IRS does not stop him. They falsely reason that the absence of one barrier means that no barriers exist.

Partisanship is driving a spectacular level of hypocrisy and downright stupidity in this election. You can’t even read a question without tripping over a rhetorical trick, distortion of fact, or logical fallacy. And judging from the comments, the corrupt, the liars, the hypocrites are winning.

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