Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Evidence of Democrat Party and Media Corruption

Have you ever tried to make a point but been unable to substantiate it? For example, the Left bends over backwards to deny that anybody votes multiple times, but you know you've read dozens of accounts of it happening. As I come across such accounts, I'll start adding them here. You can help by adding links to articles, or suggestions for new categories, in the comments.

Election Fraud

Voter Fraud

Vote Count Fraud

Media Censorship, Bias, and Fraud

Social Media Censorship by Twitter, Facebook, Google

Disclaimer: I have no problem with censoring indecent language, harassment, incitement of violence or other criminal acts, or sham news stories (as contrasted with satire). I do object to the partisan, selective enforcement of standards.

Government Dishonesty

Campaign Fraud

Democrats' Brownshirt Tactics

Democrat Corruption


Propaganda Promoting International Socialism

Sexual Hypocrisy of Democrats

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