Sunday, September 28, 2008

BO: African-Arab-American-American

Barrack Obama looks sort of Black, but is he really African-American?
Rich Wheeler
Modesto, CA
28 Sept. 2008
The question shouldn't matter, but due to the attitudes of many and the representations of a few, it does.
African-American denotes Americans with primarily African heritage, which would include African Arabs as well as Afrikaners (Afrikaans-speaking people mainly of northwestern European descent and established in Southern Africa since the 17th century -- Wikipedia). In this literal, general sense, Obama is half African-American. Moreover, he was raised by his white maternal line and therefore grew up in a primarily white culture. This might tip him in the direction of an American-American label.
However, African-American also connotes a Black African heritage, which makes up only one quarter of Obama's heritage, the other quarter being Arab, which renders him three quarters Caucasian (white). More specifically, it connotes a Black African who was kidnapped by other Africans and sold into slavery, which makes up zilch, zip, nada percent of Obama's heritage.
On the other hand, as a young adult, Oh-bummer chose to associate himself with African-Americans. "As a man thinks in his mind, so is he." Therefore, if he participates in the African-American culture, then he is, by culture, African-American.
On the OTHER other hand, a basic tenet of the African-American gestalt (world-view) holds that their lives are the way they are because white America thrust their circumstances upon them (even though many cling to those circumstances to justify the bitterness and hatred that comes from a lack of forgiveness). Since such circumstances were thrust upon neither Obama nor his paternal line, he can no more choose that heritage than I can.
So it depends on your point of view. One factor tips him one way while another factor tips him another. Most people won't think that deeply about it. They will ignore Obama's personal history and the European bone structure, and will note only the color of his skin and the curliness of his hair.
In itself, race has no direct relevance, but openness and honesty about it carries tremendous weight in judging a man's character; and character, as we have seen in recent decades, has tremendous relevance to a presidential candidate's qualification for office.
If Obama really wanted to unite us, he would identify himself as a Blended-American. He has profited, however, from choosing not to blend; and too many among us are just fools for the faux.
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Parentage, Personality, Politics, and Polecats

Parentage, Personality, Politics, and Polecats
R. Wheeler
Modesto, CA
28 Sept. 2008

I'm not surprised that Barack Obama does not honor
his mother or grandmother. From the silence about
why his mother left him with granny, I surmise that,
at least from young Barry's point of view, this was
just another act of abandonment. Obama's father's
half-Arab heritage makes him, technically, three
quarters Caucasian; and he neither wishes to honor
his alienated maternal line not to undermine his racial
It's also clear from his speeches that his grandmother,
intentionally or not, wounded his self-esteem because of
his mixed race. Considering that Obama's father left him,
his stepfather left him, and finally even his mother left him,
there's no surprise in the suggestion that he turned to
government to be the Great Parent of us all.
Now, consider a man whose father's approval he could
never earn; whose mother had another ethnic heritage,
one that was blamed for suppressing the father's race.
Give that man associates who spread racial hatred and
have committed violence for political purposes. Finally,
place him into a time when people look to the government
to rescue huge portions of the economy from ruin.
I hope I didn't trick you with that last paragraph. As I
recall, that description matches Vladimir Lenin pretty
closely, but actually, it describes Adolph Hitler.
Nobody would foolishly accuse Barack Obama of
planning genocide or world domination. Nevertheless,
you can see which way the scales tip.

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Monday, September 08, 2008

Something You Can Do about Nobama

Three practical things you can do to oppose B.O.:
All of them cause the left-wingers to spend money on you,
money that otherwise would have supported their cause.
1. Watch for voter registration tables out in front of stores.
When you see one that say something like, "Democrats
Register Here to Vote," go ask the person manning the
table whether he/she is a volunteer or paid. If the person
is paid, sign up for the Democrat Party.
Three reasons:
- Paid workers get a commission for each signature.
Volunteers don't.
- The Democrat Party has to pay their staff to process
the paperwork.
- I know how I'm going to vote, so if somebody is going
to waste money sending me junk mail, I want it to be
the Democrats. Besides, my wife is too straight-laced
to do this, so we'll still get her Republican junk mail.
NOTE: Prepare for the following steps by looking up the
phone number of your local Democratic headquarters.
I also suggest using a substitute name. I used "Leebahr
Al Wainahr". If you don't want to use your own address,
you might use the address of the local Republican office --
they'll know what to do with the items.
2. Let pay to send you a free Obama
bumper sticker.
3. Let pay to send you a free Obama button.
4. Let the Senate Democrats send you a free bumper sticker.
With a few snips, you can make it say, "Sorry Dems, I'm the decider."
5. Let the ACLU send you one, too; but don't use your
real name.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin vs. the Democrat Politicians

Some Republicans have defended Gov. Sarah Palin's qualifications by comparing them to those of the current Democrat candidates and of past Democrat presidents. Since Barack Obama has no experience in foreign affairs besides visiting relatives in Africa and giving a speech in Europe, it just doesn't work to compare Palin, McCain's second-string player, with first-string player Obama. Nobody remembers the peanut-farming governor from Georgia, so he's useless, too. That leaves us with the more recent Democrat president who came from the governor's office in Arkansas.

Really, Palin doesn't stack up well against him (although he'd like to try).

Premier Clintong had considerable foreign policy experience while governor of Arkansas. Has everybody forgotten his collaboration with communist Chinese agent John Huang, smuggling arms to the Nicaraguan Contras, providing cover to the Central American drug runners in Mena? And don't underestimate the value of networking with his Soviet partners while organizing anti-American protests in Europe! Why, Gov. Palin's foreign policy experience doesn't even begin to compare to Willie Yam Clintong's.

It also bears mentioning that Gov. Palin couldn't hold a candle next to Gov. Clintong, not only in foreign affairs, but also in domestic affairs. During his multiple terms as AG and as governor, Clintong accumulated in-depth experience in domestic affairs too vast to list. There was Juanita (the nurse), Eileen, Jane Doe (Yale), Paula, Jane Does (plural, UArk), Genifer, Susan, Elizabeth, Jane Does (trooper reports), Carolyn, Sandra, Christy, Jane Doe (flight attendant), Juanita (the chef), Linda, (never mind Kathleen, Barbra, and Monica; they came later).... Indeed, Clintong by far eclipsed Palin in domestic affairs.

Yes, it really is impossible to compare Gov. Palin to the Democrats.