Sunday, September 28, 2008

Parentage, Personality, Politics, and Polecats

Parentage, Personality, Politics, and Polecats
R. Wheeler
Modesto, CA
28 Sept. 2008

I'm not surprised that Barack Obama does not honor
his mother or grandmother. From the silence about
why his mother left him with granny, I surmise that,
at least from young Barry's point of view, this was
just another act of abandonment. Obama's father's
half-Arab heritage makes him, technically, three
quarters Caucasian; and he neither wishes to honor
his alienated maternal line not to undermine his racial
It's also clear from his speeches that his grandmother,
intentionally or not, wounded his self-esteem because of
his mixed race. Considering that Obama's father left him,
his stepfather left him, and finally even his mother left him,
there's no surprise in the suggestion that he turned to
government to be the Great Parent of us all.
Now, consider a man whose father's approval he could
never earn; whose mother had another ethnic heritage,
one that was blamed for suppressing the father's race.
Give that man associates who spread racial hatred and
have committed violence for political purposes. Finally,
place him into a time when people look to the government
to rescue huge portions of the economy from ruin.
I hope I didn't trick you with that last paragraph. As I
recall, that description matches Vladimir Lenin pretty
closely, but actually, it describes Adolph Hitler.
Nobody would foolishly accuse Barack Obama of
planning genocide or world domination. Nevertheless,
you can see which way the scales tip.

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