Monday, September 08, 2008

Something You Can Do about Nobama

Three practical things you can do to oppose B.O.:
All of them cause the left-wingers to spend money on you,
money that otherwise would have supported their cause.
1. Watch for voter registration tables out in front of stores.
When you see one that say something like, "Democrats
Register Here to Vote," go ask the person manning the
table whether he/she is a volunteer or paid. If the person
is paid, sign up for the Democrat Party.
Three reasons:
- Paid workers get a commission for each signature.
Volunteers don't.
- The Democrat Party has to pay their staff to process
the paperwork.
- I know how I'm going to vote, so if somebody is going
to waste money sending me junk mail, I want it to be
the Democrats. Besides, my wife is too straight-laced
to do this, so we'll still get her Republican junk mail.
NOTE: Prepare for the following steps by looking up the
phone number of your local Democratic headquarters.
I also suggest using a substitute name. I used "Leebahr
Al Wainahr". If you don't want to use your own address,
you might use the address of the local Republican office --
they'll know what to do with the items.
2. Let pay to send you a free Obama
bumper sticker.
3. Let pay to send you a free Obama button.
4. Let the Senate Democrats send you a free bumper sticker.
With a few snips, you can make it say, "Sorry Dems, I'm the decider."
5. Let the ACLU send you one, too; but don't use your
real name.

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