Thursday, September 04, 2008

Palin vs. the Democrat Politicians

Some Republicans have defended Gov. Sarah Palin's qualifications by comparing them to those of the current Democrat candidates and of past Democrat presidents. Since Barack Obama has no experience in foreign affairs besides visiting relatives in Africa and giving a speech in Europe, it just doesn't work to compare Palin, McCain's second-string player, with first-string player Obama. Nobody remembers the peanut-farming governor from Georgia, so he's useless, too. That leaves us with the more recent Democrat president who came from the governor's office in Arkansas.

Really, Palin doesn't stack up well against him (although he'd like to try).

Premier Clintong had considerable foreign policy experience while governor of Arkansas. Has everybody forgotten his collaboration with communist Chinese agent John Huang, smuggling arms to the Nicaraguan Contras, providing cover to the Central American drug runners in Mena? And don't underestimate the value of networking with his Soviet partners while organizing anti-American protests in Europe! Why, Gov. Palin's foreign policy experience doesn't even begin to compare to Willie Yam Clintong's.

It also bears mentioning that Gov. Palin couldn't hold a candle next to Gov. Clintong, not only in foreign affairs, but also in domestic affairs. During his multiple terms as AG and as governor, Clintong accumulated in-depth experience in domestic affairs too vast to list. There was Juanita (the nurse), Eileen, Jane Doe (Yale), Paula, Jane Does (plural, UArk), Genifer, Susan, Elizabeth, Jane Does (trooper reports), Carolyn, Sandra, Christy, Jane Doe (flight attendant), Juanita (the chef), Linda, (never mind Kathleen, Barbra, and Monica; they came later).... Indeed, Clintong by far eclipsed Palin in domestic affairs.

Yes, it really is impossible to compare Gov. Palin to the Democrats.

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