Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thousands Rally Against Global Warming

Thousands rallied against global warming.

Proof that the global warming crowd is a bunch of flakes.

They may be all hot and bothered, but deep inside, they're colder than Hillary's... smile.

And yet, you can see why they might be paranoid about a warming climate.

THIS JUST IN: The ACLU has filed suit against SNAG (SNowmen Against Global warming) for color-based discrimination. They cite publicity photos of rallies as evidence that SNAG failed to include snowpersons of color in their organization. The suit seeks a $2.3 billion compensatory and punitive award as well as a court order to institute affirmative action under leadership of Jesse Jackson. A representative of SNAG commented, "Black snow persons get overheated in the sun and the Health Department keeps writing us citations whenever we bring in yellow snow persons."

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