Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Will there be sci-fi super nerds in Heaven?"

Randy Alcorn speculates on the questions,
  • Will there be sci-fi super nerds in Heaven? 
  • Will we all get together and build the Enterprise?
It should go without saying that being a Trekker has nothing to do with going to heaven, so long as you don't make an idol of it and the belief in ETs doesn't hinder faith in Christ as Savior. It also goes without saying that heaven's attractions such as the gates like pearl, the sea like glass, the great throne, the altar, the angels, the streets of gold, historical figures, meeting all our believing ancestors and dearly missed loved ones -- not to mention God Himself -- will, in comparison, relegate the sci-fi universe to irrelevance. However:

Foster-adoptive parents reared me, and I don't remember my birth mother. Were she still alive and were I to find her, I imagine that at our meeting, we would spend part of our time looking at her photo albums and at the works of her hands. Not that her job, arts and crafts, or photos of her trip to the Worlds Biggest Ball of Rubber Bands in Lauderhill, Florida, would be all that interesting, but they would tell me about her; they would share with me pieces of her life.

Heaven may be like that. I remember my dad (foster-adoptive) teaching me to build balsa wood, model airplanes. Living with our Father, we might spent a lot of eternity building models together -- maybe even functioning models of Constellation-class starships, Klingon warbirds, and X-wing fighters -- as He teaches us the correct science about interstellar travel, transporters, and light sabers. Naturally, we'll spend parts of eternity watching flashbacks of times He intervened in human lives and molded our characters, and of course, visiting the Universe's Biggest Ball of Burning Hydrogen.

And it will all be cool because we'll be doing those things with Him.

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