Monday, December 19, 2011

New Word: Cacostocracy

An acquaintance asked me if I could beat a forwarded definition of an ineptocracy. It wasn't bad, but I don't give the crooks and traitors in charge of the White House and Senate enough credit to call them merely inept.

Coincidentally, I was thinking about my own word, cacostocracy, that morning while listening to Whistle-blower Wednesday during KSFO's morning commute show. I guess it's about time I defined it.

cacostocracy (cack'-o-stock'-ruh-see), from Gk. kakos "bad, evil":

A political process of putrefaction in which pernicious politicians

  • for personal empowerment, pursue profane payments proffered by the powerful for propitious and partial treatment, and
  • pawn profitable persons' futures to finance the favor of degraded, desperate, and dumbed-down demographics, thereby
  • protecting prolonged, perverted "progress"

    • - by proliferating the pampered,
    • - by planting pestiferous policies to oppress productive people, and
    • - by paring proletarian producers into dispossessed, dis-empowered, dependent peasants.

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