Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow White and the Seven Memory Cards

[I found this pitiful one-liner on the web and thought it formed the seed of a cute story, so I stretched it out into a better version.]
Snow White and the Seven Memory Cards
Christmas came and the dwarves together gave Snow White a digital camera along with a 1 GB memory card from each of them. She had so much fun taking pictures of the dwarves and the forest creatures that she just couldn't wait to print them for a secret scrap book project.
Alas, she had no printer and the city was far, far away; so Snow had to send her seven memory cards via seven carrier pigeons to the WalMart Supercastle at the far edge of the forest to have the photos printed. The birds returned that evening with seven claim tickets.
A few days later, Snow sent the carrier pigeons back with the claim tickets and the family MasterSignet. She waited anxiously until the birds again returned with seven claim tickets and a note that said the printer had malfunctioned and she should check again in a few days.
Snow, about ready to send an apple to the WalMart manager, again sent her seven bird friends to pick up her photos. Later, the birds returned yet again with the seven claim tickets and a note begging her forbearance. They had fixed the malfunction but had run out of ink, and she should try again in seven days.
This so disappointed Snow White that she wept. She had wanted to give seven little scrapbooks to the seven dwarves for New Year's Day, and now it wouldn't be possible.
Snow wept and wept, for she wanted so much to give a gift to her beloved seven little hosts.
One by one, the dwarves tried to console the fair ex patriot. Finally, even Grumpy felt compassion and he came to console her. "Don't worry, Snow White," he said. Some day, your prints will come."

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