Friday, June 29, 2007

Choosing the Right Human for a Dog

Second Entry

Entry Number 2

Choosing the Right Human for a Dog

I'm so honored that a coworker asked my opinion about something, I need to fetch the emergency sewing kit in my desk to re-attach two of the buttons on my shirt! I'm not sure I know that much about dawgs, but I don't want to disappoint anybody, so I'll do my best.

Since it's best to try to match the disposition of the breed of a dawg to the right kind of human, you need to define the human's personality.

What kind of relationship will the human provide for the dawg, relative to self and others (e.g., spouse, children) in the pack?
How much attenttion (quantity time, walks, quality time, walks, and training) will the dawg get?
Can the human be trained to establish alpha-ness, or will the doggie be a spoiled puppy-wuppy-poo?
How much maintenance can the human provide (grooming, feeding, walks, medical expenses, vacuuming and shampooing carpets, walks, and providing outdoors hygiene)?
How much physical security can the human provide (e.g., protecting the dog from escape and from getting into the garbage)?
What environment will the human offer (indoor vs. outdoor vs. indoor/outdoor, walks, other pets)?
How much tolerance does the dog need to have for neighbor problems (e.g., who selfishly demand peace and quiet)?

That may look like I know a lot, but it's really just a delay tactic while I look for a web site that will help me match the human to the dawg. Now, if I just can find those buttons....


Entry Number 2.1
Regarding Entry Number 1.1

The comment about candidates not needing a third face implied that candidates (politicians) already have two.


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