Friday, June 29, 2007

Why Darwinists Must Prove Darwin Right

If God created us, then God is God. We -- and our desires -- can't be our own gods any more. We'd have to submit to God instead of following our selfish desires. Submission is very difficult for people.

Admitting you've been wrong is even harder, because that destroys pride. The things that give people worldly self-esteem are pride in possessions, pleasure, and pride in accomplishment. If there's a God, then all those things look like sewage next to His glory and the gifts of His fellowship. If life exists only in this world, then destroying those things destroys the purpose of life.

It's very frightening to know that everything you have, everything you have experienced, and everything you've done are worthless because that means you yourself are worthless. It's like being killed. That's one reason Paul said we must die to ourselves. We must let go of those things that hinder us from seeing and pursuing the infinite riches that God promises to us along with salvation.

The worldly mind can't see or value the riches of God, so admitting to and submitting to God is all loss and no gain. Their conscience is under the conviction of the Holy Spirit, for the Son of God draws all people to Himself. Since they won't yield, then they must resist, defending themselves in the only way possible: by proving that no God exists to whom to submit. It's the only way, they think, that they can avoid death. And that very thing leads them straight into the thing they fear.

Don't hate them. Pity them.

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